1 day with Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

My hardware

  • Dell Inspiron 1525
  • Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 processor
  • 250GB 5400RPM SATA hard disk
  • 4GB RAM
  • Intel graphic card

Live CD boot

I put my cd in and boot the live environment (I found it a little bit slow but that’s not a problem since it’s a live…), everything is perfectly configured and working, with a few clicks I join my wireless network, check google.com home page just to be sure the connection is working and start the installer.

My partition schema

  • sda1 – 2GB – SWAP
  • sda2 – 10GB – root partition (with Ubuntu 8.04.1 installed)
  • sda3 – all the remaining space – /home


I start the Ubuntu installer, fill in all required data, tell the system that I want to format my sda2 partition and mount it as the root (“/”) and to mount my sda3 partition as /home (without formatting it). A few more clicks and the system was installing, time to take a coffee.

Here comes a problem, I’m back from my coffee and I see no installer on my screen, it’s crashed! So I’m launching it again, retype my info but I can’t see my partitions anymore…


Relaunching the installer, filling data and start the installation process, it’s about to finish when it crashes again, I take a look here and there in the logs and see that’s something about the migration assistant (actually I have nothing to migrate, I’m using my old home directory…).

Rebooting again…

I remember that’s possible to launch the installer disabling the migration assistant thus I open a terminal and type:
sudo ubiquity --no-migration-assistant
and do it all again, this time everything goes fine and I can boot my wonderful Intrepid from my disk.

Note: it seemed to me that this installation bug was not reported before so I did it.

First feeling

Since a first sight there are not so many differences from hardy, I know there are a lot under the hood so I start playing around.

There nothing to say, everything is working wonderfully, from Firefox to Evolution, Pidgin and everything else, I love the updated Gnome and what comes with it.

There’s a really notable thing: Intrepid a perfectly working audio system without having to hack Adobe Flash settings (remember that Flash 10 is available now and I strongly suggest you to update it), PulseAudio seems to be really mature now and that’s great!

I also love the improvements to totem, Gnome’s media player, which now supports subtitles and seems to work just better with video media (also if I still have to use VLC to have full DVD support, let’s hope for a future version to fix this).

Intrepid comes with OpenOffice 2.4.1, I would have loved to see the brand new OpenOffice 3.0 but actually it does no change my life because 2.4 does everything I need in a great way! Anyway if you want you can check why it was not included and how to install it with with ease.

I like the guest session feature (also if I think that it would be nice to start a guest session from the GDM login manager, now it’s possible only if you’re already logged in) and the new shutdown menus.


At the end of the day I can say that Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex is really rock solid and it’s absolutely easy to use also if you’re a newbie I’m going to suggest the upgrade to all my family’s PCs/notebooks.

Yes, I ran in the that installation bug (and a few other ones I’ll tell you later) but it’s a thing that could happen only to a few people and I could avoid it just upgrading instead of reinstalling everything but I wanted a fresh start.

What I didn’t like

  • obviously the installation bug but again, it could happen only to a few people
  • My webcam isn’t working with cheese but anyway it’s perfectly working with Skype and I don’t ever actually need Cheese
  • It seems to me that it’s a little bit slower than Hardy, I mean, the boot is lightning fast GDM is slower to start and the graphic environment (compiz included) seems not to be smooth as before. I also noticed that gedit (the Gnome text editor) takes ages to load but it’s a know issue and it could be solved just disabling the file browser plugin.


9.5/10, go download it as fast as you can! :-)

8 thoughts on “1 day with Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

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  2. Luis

    Great log of your experience. I’ve tried Intrepid in my Acer 5920G. Most of the unsupported soft I use just didn’t work (of course there might be some alternatives, but still…). The things that made me return to Hardy were 1) speed, 2) Xbindkeys which allowed me to work with my mutimedia keys went crazy, no chage in configuration seemed to work; as well as the rest of my extra keys.
    I think I’ll wait for some months until Jackalope is released :)

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  4. Gustavo


    Are you still using 8.10?
    I have a 5920G too, and even after installation was completed (with several crashes) it still crashes really often. It just stops and the caps light starts “blinking” like the HD light does. But except for the light, everything is blocked. It also doesn’t know any “ubiquity” command.

    Any ideas?

  5. NINJA

    I tried Ibex and it works great on my last Fileserver. Now i have the Desktop Alternate installed. The only issue i´ve got is the from now on slow Networking of Ibex. My Samba has 40% decrased the speed, but on gigabit connection i don´t worry bout that.
    The Desktop is a bit slower than Hardy, but completly stable and the features are simple. Best of the Features: My graphic card works fine with the installed driver.

    Great work from the programmers of Ibex. Maybe one day Ubuntu is the only installed system in my Network.

  6. kennydawg

    I recently installed Ubuntu 8.10 on a dual boot. ( I have to have Vista to use firewire ) on an Acer 4420-5963.
    This was done after having a connection problem with Vista. I had to reinstall. Likewise had to re-install Ubuntu and tried the newest version.

    Hardy worked fine on this, other than I was unable to listen to some streaming audio. With Ibex, I was able to listen to the audio streams I could not before. But I now have a bigger problem. I cannot watch any video files of any type. For whatever reason, you tube will play video. However if I go to any other site, or try to watch any stored videos, the video player starts momentarily, then shuts down. I have several different players installed and this happens with all of them! I cannot watch videos. Since compiling videos, and burning them to disk is one of my main hobbies, this really is a problem. I have to use Vista to do it. I never had a problem when I was using Hardy.

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