UCK 1.4.1, what’s the future?

Yesterday, with Krzysztof Lichota, we released a small enhancement for the Ubuntu Customization Kit, fixing a small bug with feisty/gnome frontend and adding a menu icon for an easier “hey where’s that damn software” phase.

I think UCK is a good software for its purpose, anyway for many people is difficult how to use it the best way and how to understand how to do complex things with it. I’ll surely write a small comparison between UCK and reconstructor (I love that software too) but that will happen in another post.

Talking about the future of UCK… here’s what I’d like to see:

  • easier way to interrupt the process and finish it in another session
  • easier way to script its parts (customizing the root file system, the initrd, the cdrom)
  • automatic squashfs sort for a great performance boost of the livecd booting and running
  • support for the “alternate” ubuntu cd-rom

The second point would help us with the learning curve… also if we all know that we would need documentation.

Some people asked us if the project is still alive… well absolutely yes but the development is really slow, Krzysztof and I are really busy with many (maybe too many) free software projects and… well that project would need more human-force but… I hope more developers will join us in the future, anyway for now UCK works flawlessly also if we don’t have a fast release cycle.

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