Another DRM failure

Every news website today is flooded by the “HD-DVD key found” news, but what’s the meaning of all this confusion? I see two different episodes:

  • censorship: some of those sites censored the news that publishes the key
  • revolt: after the news were deleted, those sites were flooded, a real attack against that kind of control, seen as an abuse

Why those news have been censored? Fear of the majors or what?

It’s been told to us that it’s illegal to crack media protections to copy cds/dvds but it seems now that people are claming again their freedom to use what they bought. Can people make a law, seen as wrong, change?

Some of the majors are partly abandoning DRM, but if it’s absolutely clear that people don’t want that kind of armor-plate, how long will this fight last? Are the majors gainin’ hate from fighiting the final user (and buyer)?

Too many questions and no answers… from my personal point of view I hate go to the cinema and beeing forced to see 1 minute anti-piracy spot, maybe someone should remember I paid the ticket to watch the movie?

One thought on “Another DRM failure

  1. Fabrizio Z

    I agree with you, if you buy a ticket for a show, it’s a nonsense to see the anti-piracy spot on the big screen, and it’s a nonsense that you can find it also in a dvd that you buy… when the same dvd can be cloned without that stupid ads… and I’ve read in a forum that some dvds movie from a major (I don’t want to tell which one), can’t be read bye some old dvd players due to piracy protection…

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