IE8 rumors, Microsoft close to free software?

No no, that’s not what you’re thinking, I’m just talking about the development cycle…

It seems to me that bigM is reacting the right way to the free software challenge, between ie6 and ie7 we had to wait for something like 5 years, not they’re already talking about new forthcoming features. I hope the challenge will get harder for everyone, the result will only be better software.

Citing a little sentence from this post on ie blog:

There were many lessons learned, and I’ll talk about how we’ll take those lessons forward into future releases of Internet Explorer

This is interesting, everyone should learn lessons and don’t even sits down on achived results (ok you got me, I’m talking about firefox).

Maybe Microsoft will release more often? Maybe they’ll get closer to standards? I’ll keep an eye on that in the next months.

Actually I’m hoping to see a gtk-webcore browser for my gnome, I use gnome since 6 years and I’m a bit upset to see firefox working better on windows (UI/system integration, speed, crashes) than on my beautiful gnome.

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