Italy: always one step ahead

In the last free days Italian government signed with Microsof to build 3 research centers in Italy, Microsoft investment will be off 1 milion dollar in 3 years (can I say nothing?) but none told about Italian investment.

What will those centers do? Build innovations with Microsoft products thus enhance Microsoft business.

I’m not against Microsoft, a company do its best for its purpose, that’s all.

I’m really in anger with Italian government, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION MUST USE FREE SOFTWARE, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION MUST DO THE BEST FOR THE COUNTRY AND FOR PEOPLE enhancing local business before taking money outside!

Free software for PA not only would bring a better cultural and ethical education, but would create work for all local activities (and we have SO MANY IT workers here)! Results: better economy, better occupation, enhancement of competence level for Italian IT workers, BEST SOFTWARE TO GIVE BACK TO THE FREE SOFTWARE COMMUNITY.

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