UCK and reconstructor, hope for future collaboration

UCK and reconstructor are both good software to create a customized Ubuntu derivative.

I’m working hard on UCK in these days thus you can expect big changes soon, but I’m also a user of reconstructor and I can do some considerations, in this post I’l talk about the next UCK release so maybe you can think that something I’m saying is wrong but that’s because you’re still working with the old UCK.

  • UCK is bash scripting, reconstructor is python GTK. For some things UCK is easier to script and customize because many users know bash, less know python
  • reconstructor does many things that UCK doesn’t: gnome environment customization, alternate cd customization are just two examples
  • UCK can used to automatically generate ISOs without user interaction
  • UCK has a nice support to install language packs and customize gfxboot language selections
  • reconstructor has a nicer GUI also if it’s GTK only, UCK GUI can be used within CLI/GTK/QT environment thanks to dialog/zenity/kdialog but we can’t build complex UI with those tools

So what are the conclusions? Both projects have the same goals, both have a common part of code that could be reused.

The next UCK version will bring a good set of small scripts that everyone can call to do every single task of a remastering, thus my thought is that UCK should concentrate on the back-end scripts and reconstructor on the GUI. I hope for the future that reconstructor could drop his back-end scripts and use UCK’s ones, working together to bring better software for everyone.

If you want, check out the development version of UCK.

1 thought on “UCK and reconstructor, hope for future collaboration

  1. manny

    i hope both proyects do join forces and/or share resources :)

    “an easy way for people to create their own portable customized OS with all the programs they use and preferences”. Also, as a backup disk :)

    this is a great proyect for the linux community

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