“YourWay” first screencast

I’m sorry I’m not posting a lot in these days but I’m working hard on many things and actually I haven’t seen news I’d like to discuss…

Anyway, back to the post title… the first screencast of the Ubuntu customizator is here:

Expect major changes soon.

Update: here’s a youtubed version of the screencast, I suggest to download the files above cause this is really low quality;

3 thoughts on ““YourWay” first screencast

  1. Fede


    Pretty impressed!! When will this stuff be available…on the Crealabs’ website…approximately…?

    Great Job Fabrizio…!!


  2. Fabrizio Balliano

    @Fede: thank you fede :) there’s still a lot of work to do, I think a good date for opening to public could be mid july but we plan to open a beta for some beta testers for middle june :)

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