New P4A development snapshot, 2.1.4

In the latest days I took a deep breath and went on finishing some pending tasks on P4A devel snapshot, they were waiting since too long… I was thinking about releasing the 2.1.4 as 2.2.0 but… better wait till the end of summer.

The main part of the work was finishing porting the P4A_DB_Navigator drag&drop to jQuery, finally this task is over and it seems to work the right way.

In this release you’ll find the color picker field type and some libraries updates.

Here you have the changelog:

– P4A_Field::setType(‘color’) was added with nice color picker plugin (fabrtastic) from jQuery
– a bug with file upload error trapping was solved
– FCKEditor was updated to 2.4.3
– jQuery was updated to
– jqModal was updated to 2007.07.30 +r10
– P4A_DB_Navigator drag&drop functionalities were implemented thru jQuery

and the download link:

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