Ubuntu lacking some multimedia support

Great steps have been made with the easy codec installation but there are still some troubles with 2 specific media types:

  • MIDI files
  • DVD (crypted or encrypted)

To play MIDI files you’ve to manually install timidity and play them in the command line or with some (not so beautiful) players, totem (the default media player for Ubuntu and Gnome) has no support for MIDI (I know it’s a Gstreamer fault).

To play DVD you’ve to install some exotic libraries and launch some scripts in the command line… anyway totem still will have troubles with some DVDs and it won’t read DVD menu.

These 2 problems are alive since years, I think it’s really time to fix them!

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu lacking some multimedia support

  1. manny

    totem is great and locates missing codecs fast, but has some problems like you stated.

    apart from totem i also use VLC and Xine.

    both are a bit more complete, but not so fully integrated in gnome as totem.

  2. Fabrizio Balliano

    yeah got got the point, totem is great cause it’s completele integrated in gnome but users need the ability to watch dvds and also midi files would be useful :-)

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