Ubuntu Customization Kit 2.0 is finally out!

It’s been a long journey, the new release is out after more than 6 months of work, adding features and fixing bugs thanks to the help of the community.

What’s the main goal of UCK 2.0? Becoming the de-facto standard base for Ubuntu remastering operations.
How this goal is achieved? Building a complete and stable API system.
Looking at the new UCK you’ll notice that we’ve splitted all the features in small scripts that could could simply include in batch processing or more advanced remastering software.

A deep look at the binaries:


These are the 2 files you already had in previous releases, the first is the GUI system to easily access the most common functionalities and automatically build a custom Ubuntu ISO without dealing with CLI. The second one is the main backend point of access. This is called by uck-gui to script all the remastering steps. You can use it if you save the configuration files created by uck-gui for a re-processing.

But the most important thing, the API I was talking about is here:


Use this scripts to access to ALL the features of UCK, also minor ones that are not used by the GUI. If you want to take a quick look to the options check UCK API reference.

You can notice a small utility to quickly remove win32 related files and a set of scripts to work with alternate ISOs (one of the most difficult part of the game…).

As I already told I wish that we could join reconstructor to build THE solid Ubuntu remastering framework, much more helpful and optimized that the DELL’s DRU.

I think the core system is pretty complete now, we could add more “bling” features trying to automate tasks such as gfxboot/usplash customization and so on but… we still have to think a bit about that, stay tuned :-)

Download links:

4 thoughts on “Ubuntu Customization Kit 2.0 is finally out!

  1. Fabrizio Balliano

    I know this is not enough: http://tinyurl.com/2sl378 anyway all the website is a wiki also if it’s not open to the public (tried that but i had to close after a few days, just spam) so anyone who would like to contribute can simply contact us… all free projects have the documentation problem but we need more people and we don’t have them

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