P4A 3.0 roadmap

ok here you have:

  • brand new widget rendering system, it will provide a new experience from the users point of view, a richer set of widgets and the best browser support (we’re doing deep tests right now, more info will follow)
  • PHP5 only
  • add Zend Framework
  • replace adodb with Zend_DB
  • define which database engine will be supported (I think MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite) and drop support for all the others
  • solve definitively all the problems with all supported databases
  • replace our date parsing/formatting library with Zend_Date
  • drop all localization formats and use Zend_Locale’s (which uses unicode.org formats)
  • replace our numbers/currency formatting library with Zend_Locale
  • replace our translation library with Zend_Translate
  • make every output string to be translated and make the translation system work the way gettext work (making possible to include partial translations)
  • create a tiny php5 optimized library to replace phpThumb
  • completely remove PEAR

Yes, it will be a huge, massive and killer release, I promise it will rock!

7 thoughts on “P4A 3.0 roadmap

  1. Fabrizio Balliano

    We’ll try to keep the syntax changes as low as possible but if we’ll need to do massive changes… this will be the time to do those changes.

    I know my answer doesn’t really answer your question but I can’t completely predict it at the moment.

    Anyway porting an application from 2.2. to 3 will surely involve some work…

  2. Fabrizio Balliano

    @Mario Spada: it means a deep integration, db source will rely completely on zend_db, traslation system on zend_translate and localization on zend_locale and zend_date :-)

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  4. Fabrizio Balliano

    @EdwinF: I’d like too but at this moment we’ll focus on DBs that we know that could work 100%, other will maybe come in the future

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