P4A 3 christmas update

I want to wish you a marry Christmas with a small update on P4A 3 development status. Here you have the changelog since last update:

– P4A_Image was removed
– P4A_Icon was renamed to P4A_Image
– P4A_Button::composeStringProperties() method was removed
– P4A_Image::setIcon() now supports a path to an image instead of the icon name
– P4A_Toolbar::enable() and disable() methods params were removed
– P4A_Toolbar::addLabel() method was renamed to addBox()
– P4A_Toolbar::setOrientation() method was removed because it was not implemented
– jQuery::dimensions plugin was updated to 1.2
– DHTMLCalendar by dynarch was dropped and replaced by jQuery::UI::datepicker 3.2
– P4A_Field::getAsDate() now it’s fully working with the jQuery::UI::datepicker with an additional ajax call to reformat the date
– P4A_DB::getLikeOperator() and setLikeOperator() methods were added, like operator (LIKE/ILIKE) is autodetected and it’s useful when you’re generating a query
– P4A_Field’s autocomplete was ported to P4A_DB::getLikeOperator() thus now it should work better with different databases (eg: postgreSQL)
– P4A_Widget::raise() method was removed
– P4A_I18N::getLocaleEngine() method was added to retrieve a copy of the Zend_Locale object
– standard.php library file was cleaned removing PHP4 functions
– P4A::getP4AJavascript() method was added, it will return a bunch of javascript code needed for P4A initialization
– jQuery::UI::datepicker was localized using Zend Framework data, no need to sync with datepicked localization files

and the updated TODO:

– check p4a_button sizes when we have a toolbar with buttons with icons and without icons
– implement application level translations
– port sample_i18n to the new translation system
– spread about the new translation system so users start translate
– check db_source for aliases
– try to detect the decimal format and use it during formatting
– check p4a_table ordering
– custom formatter for date/time/etc
– change p4a_table_col image handling, we’ve to pass by index.php and not phpthumb.php
– integrate p4a_base_mask in core and port samples to it
– auto addaction on intercept and implementmethod when the action is a browser action
– implement db_source::setquery, maybe separate db_sources?
– implement db_source::setZendSelect or something like that, maybe separate db_sources?
– implement p4a_table::addCheckboxCol
– p4a_table action col should also support html (for images)
– remove P4A_Toolbar::getAsString() method with its strange behaviour?
– generate datepicker “firstDay” telling which is the first day of the week (we’ve to wait for ZF fix about that)

Now let’s rest for a couple of days :) marry Christmas to everyone!

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