P4A 3 translations opening and waiting for you

Now that the new P4A 3 translation system is finished, I finally took some time to import all P4A 2.2 translations into our new and shining community localization system.

You can have a complete look at the translation status, fix possible translation errors for your language as well as adding your language here:

Now, we really want P4A to have the best translations possible but we need your help, translating is very easy and won’t take more than a few minutes. Thank you to everyone will help us delivering the most wonderful translations for your next generation web applications!

4 thoughts on “P4A 3 translations opening and waiting for you

  1. Mohamad Rosni Ahmad

    Malay Translation
    English: Go back to the previous mask
    Malay: Pergi ke skrin sebelum

  2. Robert Simon

    I start the hungarian translation right now!!!!
    Keep up the good work Fabrizio, and let me know if you plan to visit Budapest, Hungary!

  3. Fabrizio Balliano

    @Robert Simon: that’s great thank you! my parents/brother came to budapest this summer, hope I’ll do the same sometime in a near future :)

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