P4A 3 commit digest

First technical post on the new blog, as usual 10% of the code take 90% of work, for this commit I spent a lot of time trying to get a final solution for a cross browser message rendering issue (we wanted an icon with a text on the right, both vertically centered). I also unified the generated HTML code for buttons, P4A_Message and system messages. Then I moved my attention on a better pngfix routine for explorer 6, port some P4A elements to PHP 5 and clean up the API a bit (removing some methods with really weird names)

Here you have a screenshot of the new button with a long label (note that the accesskey is underlined):
P4A 3 new button layout

and here you can see the new system message, with icons and long descriptions (you can’t see it but it has a nice fade-in fade-out effect):
P4A 3 system messages

Time for the raw changelog:

– P4A_DB_Source::setQuery() was rewritten and now it’s works again
– jQuery was updated to 1.2.2
– javascript code for P4A system messages was rewritten from scratch
– P4A_Message and P4A_Tab_Pane were php5ized
– P4A_Tab_Pane::setActivePage() method now returns the active page
– P4A_Tab_Pane::nextPage() method now returns the active page
– P4A_Message::setIcon() now supports a path to an image instead of the icon name
– P4A_Message and p4a->message HTML/CSS was unified
– jQuery UI datepicker CSS was reworked
– P4A_Generate_Widget_Layout_Table() global function was added to P4A’s standard library, this creates an HTML table (1row, 2cols) useful when you’ve to output an image on a col and a text on the other col
– HTML output for P4A_Message, P4A system messages and P4A_Button was rewritten using HTML tables because we need users to have the same browsing experience on all browsers
– P4A’s javascript PNG fix routine was dropped
– jQuery::iFixPng 1.7 was introduced
– P4A_THEMES_PATH and P4A_THEMES_DIR constants were dropped
– P4A_Field::noAllowNull() method was removed
– P4A_Field::allowNull() method now supports passing the “false” value to disable the feature
– P4A_Field::unsetUploadSubpath() method was removed, use setUploadSubpath(null) to disable the feature
– P4A_Field::unsetMaxThumbnailSize() method was removed, use setMaxThumbnailSize(null) to disable the feature
– P4A_Field::setRichTextareaToolbar(), getRichTextareaToolbar() and getRichTextareaToolbars() were removed because unsupported by fckeditor
– P4A_Field was php5ized

See you at the next digest :-)

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