P4A 3 commit digest (11th feb 2008): license switch and css rewritten

The most of the work of this week was focused on the license switch (from GPL2 to AGPL3), that forced me to a mass commit today changing the header of all P4A files. Actually I was hoping to receive more feedback on the new license model post but anyway we feel that AGPL3 is the right choice for P4A.

Due to the new license we added a link in the footer zone: you’ve to set the target of the link using a new constant (P4A_APPLICATION_SOURCE_DOWNLOAD_URL).

The other big part of the work was rebuilding all the CSS from scratch, I changed all the class names and id to be more consistent and we’ve a new class added to the template’s body which identifies the browser thus to little tricks is now much more friendly. A great work was done on jQuery plugins too, removing some old ones and adding new and lighter ones.

I think that next week could be a nice goal to release the first 3.0 alpha, be sure to check it out!

Here you’ve the raw changelog:

– P4A_Field::setError() methods now fires a redesign event for the field
– jQuery::UI::datepicker was updated to 3.3
– jQuery::interface was removed
– jQuery::jqModal was removed
– a simple javascript trick was implemented to avoid concurrent clicks on the interface
– jQuery::bgiframe plugin was added and implemented (only for ie6) for tooltips and system messages
– P4A is now released under AFFERO GPL 3
– P4A_Label::setType(), getType(), setValue() and getValue() methods were removed ’cause unused
– P4A_Widget::addCSSClass() and getCSSClasses() methods were added
– tooltip HTML/javascript was rewritten to be simpler
– P4A_Box::setHTML() and getHTML() methods were added
– P4A_Box::setValue() and getValue() methods were marked as deprecated
– all widgets now use the composeStringClass() method, which now use the getCSSClasses() method
– CSS hacks for internet explorer were removed cause not needed anymore
– jQuery was updated to 1.2.3
– P4A_Table has no more container div thus can be styled much more efficently
– P4A_Field::setDefaultVisualizationProperties() method was removed
– P4A_Field::getVisualizedDataType() method was added and called during getAsString(), used to generate the data_type CSS class
– masks and widgets templates were renamed to “.php”
– P4A::isAjaxEnabled() method was removed
– P4A::isGecko(), isOpera, isSafari() and getBrowser() methods were added
– masks templates now add a class to the body (p4a_browser_ie, p4a_browser_gecko, p4a_browser_opera, p4a_browser_safari, p4a_browser_handheld) depending on brower
– P4A_Navigation_Bar buttons names were changed to be a bit better
– handheld CSS/Javascript management was changed, now we outputs all CSS/Javascript plus a basic handheld CSS
– P4A_Table’s action cols CSS now handles images much better
thumbnails cache was enabled (stored in P4A_UPLOADS_TMP_DIR with “cache_” prefix)
– P4A_APPLICATION_SOURCE_DOWNLOAD_URL constant was added, you’ve to set it for every project, it must point to somewhere users can download the source code of the application
– default template now has a “download source code” link in the footer
– if P4A_APPLICATION_SOURCE_DOWNLOAD_URL is not set, the “download source” link on the default template will take user to an error page showing the right to receive the source code

7 thoughts on “P4A 3 commit digest (11th feb 2008): license switch and css rewritten

  1. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    zend framework (BSD) and jquery (MIT) are perfectly compatible with AGPL3/commercial license.

    getid3 (GPL2), phpthumb (GPL2) and jquery color picker (GPL3) we’ll be removed ASAP because they’re not compatible with AGPL (getid3 and phpthumb) or commercial license (jquery color picker).

  2. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    update: during the last coding session today i removed getid3, phphumb and the jquery color picker.

    Later I wrote a simple PHP5 optimized thumbnail generator with cache support which replaces phpthumb.

    Now SVN is fully clean, we now finally have only software with AGPL3/commercial compatible licenses.

  3. Paulo

    Hi! just can’t wait to test the alpha! I’m a Pascal(Delphi) programer in Brazil for about 10 years, and I’ve found in P4A the best way that fits me to get out from the desktop and get into the web.


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