Magento and translations, a better approach

Magento the last and most promising open source e-commerce platform beeing developed, but it has some critical points, such as translations.

Magento (which is still in beta) is releasing a bunch of CSV files containing 2 columns, the original string is the first, the translated string is the second. When a new string is added to the english codebase all translation files must be updated and delivered to translators, which have many difficulties merging these new files with the one they were working on.

This approach isn’t effective, brings many efforts and could lead to corruption between translation files.

Ok, critics are over, now let’s be constructive.

When we had to build the new translation system for P4A we did deep researches to find out how many free translation services where out there, result? We found a few but only one was good: Launchpad Rosetta.

Did you know Launchpad Rosetta before? I think you know it. It’s the software being used by Ubuntu and thousands of other FLOSS projects.

Developers create a POT file with the strings to be translated, they upload that to Rosetta and all languages are automatically updated and merged in the codebase, with no effort at all.

Magento guys, I think this is the only way (ok, someone could also build an “ad hoc” translation software but Rosetta is already there…) to fix all the translation issues and to be sure that all translations will be ready before the 1.0 release.

2 thoughts on “Magento and translations, a better approach

  1. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Yoav Kutner: nice to see your interest, hope lauchpad (which was actually suggested on magento’s forums too by a few users) could help magento too like it’s doing with thousand projects.

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