4th preview for P4A 3 and forum considerations

It’s time to release a new P4A 3 preview package! This mainly is a bugfix release, but we’ve a few interesting things out there, I started coding the new exception based error management and started porting some P4A components to it (or to “trigger_error” depending on the specific case). Zend Framework was updated to 1.0.4 and this raised a few issues I fixed (hope I found them all). Due to high demand I also worked on P4A_Sheet, supporting anchoring for text strings and re-creating the setFree method.

Here you have the full changelog:

– P4A_Toolbars code was refactored using P4A chainability
– a bug with P4A_Full_Toolbar and P4A_Simple_Toolbar about delete was solved
– a bug with P4A_DB_Source::deleteRow was solved
– P4A_Widget::requireConfirmation() now trigger an error if addAction wasn’t called before
– P4A_Exception class was added
– P4A_Exception_Handler now replaces PHP’s default exception handler
– a part of P4A_DB_Source error management was ported to the new error handlers
– Zend Framework was updated to 1.0.4
– P4A_DB_Source::load() now returns $this thus is chainable now
– P4A_DB_Source::_composeSelectCountQuery() now always encapsulate the complete select query (without order clause) in a second count query
– translations were synched with launchpad
– P4A_DB::query() method was added
– P4A_Mask error management was ported to exceptions
– p4a/libraries/standard.php was renamed p4a/functions.php
– P4A_DB_Select class was removed ’cause unused
– code reference was organized in packages
– P4A_Sheet was ported to the new error handling
– P4A_Mask::setFocus() method now checks if the passed object is an instance of P4A_Object, otherwise does nothing
– P4A::getFocusedObjectId() method now checks if the “active_mask” object exists, otherwise returns null
– P4A_Sheet::anchor() method now supports text strings and not only widgets
– P4A_Sheet::setFree() method was added

Now you can Download P4A 2.99.3, please help us with translations and report us all the bugs you find! Thank you so much!

Forum considerations:
You know P4A has a new fantastic spanish community, they created a new forum on google groups. I has a discussion with some users saying that sourceforge forums are ineffective because of the answers orders and few other things. We’ve to consider that, with P4A 3, 99% of the forum posts will become outdated, so the question is should we move P4A forums to google code or another service?

We always used SF forums because it’s one of the best ways to make the project activity rate raise and let P4A be one of the most active project all over SF. Moving the forum elsewhere will drop this positive effect. We also have to keep this is mind.

Please let me know your considerations!

24 thoughts on “4th preview for P4A 3 and forum considerations

  1. M.Marnoto


    I tried to use the version p4a 2.99.3, and my application does not pass of mask login, it happens with my application and “products_catalogue”(2.99.3). I’m using XAMPP 1.5.4a, Apache 2.2.3 and PHP 5.1.6. What do you think?

  2. M.Marnoto

    Ok now! :)

    i upgrade xampp to 1.6.5 and php to 5.2.5 and everything is ok, and better…
    Thanks for your fast reply.

    by the way, i want to leave here a word for the developers of p4a. after many years developing apps in MSAccess, i can tell now that with p4a and with a few knowledge of php everyone can develope apps for the web. i know p4a about 2 weeks, and its very, very easy to learn…

    THANK YOU, keep up the good work!

    i’m a newbie in here but, in my opinion the system phpBB is sufficiently versatile, and the great projects in sf has external forums, to keep the ranking you can place the messages of the new versions of p4a in the sf forum, and other news with links to the external forum.

  3. Daniel C.

    This is a great new.
    In my opinion, a external forum don’t represent a bad thing, for example the framework symfony-project have a external forum in google groups and many user use this capability. I think if you start a new life with p4a 3 maybe can start with other tools to make this more know for other people.
    By the way maybe can start a IRC channel on server freenode if you don’t have one for this project i very useful for people who need a quickly answer.
    This tools requires many time, but you can distribute the responsibilities, for example i can with spanish in google groups with your supervision, other people can do with italian’s community.

    PD: I’ve a warning in p4a 3.99.3:

    WARNING: timezone_open()
    [function.timezone-open]: Unknown or bad timezone(2008)
    DateObject.php line 1016

    I think is a problem with ZendDate

    Thanks for all, we are in contact

    Daniel C.

  4. BES

    Maybe a forum like SMF or vBulletin (instead of phpBB)?

    I prefer a forum that supports WYSIWYG editing, like vBulletin. Formatting allows the posts to be clear (e.g., highlighting changes in code) and WYSIWYG saves time in creating the post.

    With these you can have categories of boards. OSS projects will often have a separate category for each major version of the product to keep the discussions separate.

  5. Daniel C.

    phpBB, vBulletin and others may content very important bugs.
    I think, we can use pastebin.com to copy our code an share with anybody. Also can create a subdomain like p4a.pastebin.com or download the code and make our own.
    Finally a forum categorized in development, p4a 3, p4a 2, English, Italian and Spanish is a idea for order and give the support.
    Maybe can tray TRAC [1] for administrate tickets for bugs :)

    [1] http://trac.edgewall.org/

    Is other idea :D

    Daniel C.

  6. Paulo

    SF’s forum answer order is really annoying, another furum would be better.

    Ahh, I’m rewriting the code with chainability and it’s great!


  7. mohammed


    I tried to use the version p4a 2.99.3, so I create a simple demo, but I have 2 days trying to execute it but no way. the problem I have this error “Fatal error: Call to undefined method P4A::p4a() in D:\wamp\www\sites web\DonnesTechniques\objects\donneestechniques.php on line 9”

    in line 9 I have this “parent::P4A();”
    I try to change this line to ” $this->P4A();” and I receive another error “Method p4a not found”. I test also “Acessando Banco de Dados” and “Olá Mundo” i have the some error.

    I use wampserver 2.0 Apache 2.2.6 PHP 5.2.5 it run in winxp and i test it also in opensuse 10

    What do you think?

  8. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @mohammed: $this->p4a() does not exist in p4a 3, where did you find that sample code? it surely was about p4a2. in p4a3 you’ve to do parent::__construct()

  9. mohammed

    thx Fabrizio,
    i would try to use p4a 3 but i can’t found a documentation only what i found is for p4a 2.
    my boss want a detail tutorials to show others developer how they use it.

  10. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @mohammed: p4a2 doc is uncompatible with p4a3 because p4a3 is completely php5 (mostly completely rewritte). due to the fact we’re still developing there’s no doc about p4a3 (but you’ve the beautiful code reference) :-)

  11. Paulo

    Hummm ok, I’ve never used launchpad’s translations before, now we wait for someone to review it or just uncheck? I’m pretty sure it’s alright, but a second opinion it’s always good…

  12. Daniel C

    @Paulo, @Fabrizio I know a person who lives in Brazil, i can contact her to review the translations ok ??
    What do you think ?

    Daniel C

  13. mohammed

    hi, i can me too help to translate to french and arabic.
    when i can found a Documentation ;-(

  14. Paulo

    @Daniel: Thanks a lot! and I just remember about Ribamar, who did p4a 2 tutorials in Brazilian portuguese, I’ll try to contact him…

  15. desta

    i want to make calculation of decimal which display 3 digit behind comas, but its only show 2 digit. i already give settype(‘decimal’), and settype($arg,’float’) but stil it show 2 digit. what should i do ?

    Thank u for respon n pardon me for my bad english


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