5th preview for P4A 3 and first production rollout

P4A 2.99.4 is available for download, this is nothing more than a bugfix release, mainly due to the first production rollout for a pretty big project of one of our customers.

Here’s the changelog:

– a bug with quoted strings in P4A_Field::getAsSelect was solved
– a bug with P4A::getFocusedObjectId() method was solved
– P4A_Object::__call() method now uses trigger_error() instead of p4a_error() when a method is not found
– P4A_Object::_loadHelper() method now direcly call P4A_Error_Handler() instead of trigger_error,
so we can pass the error file/line and have a readable resulting error message
– a few modifications were done on P4A_DB_Source so now you can add joins without selecting
any column from the joined table
– P4A_DB::getDBType() method was added
– P4A_DB_Source::getRowPosition() mystical bug with MySQL (same query called 2 times returns 2 different results)
was found again and patched again
– a bug with P4A_ERROR_Handler() was solved
– P4A_Field was ported to trigger_error() instead of p4a_error
– P4A::raiseXMLresponse() method is now public
– P4A_Error_Handler was rewritten to be used in ajax calls too
– check_configuration library now also checks for PHP version
– P4A::executeExternalCommands() method was added
– all tasks dealing with external systems where moved from P4A::main() to P4A::executeExternalCommands()
– P4A::executeExternalCommands() is executed just after the session_start(), in the P4A::singleton() method
– P4A_Object::destroy() now checks if every object to destroy is a P4A_Object before calling destroy() recursively on it

Now you can Download P4A 2.99.4, please help us with translations and report us all the bugs you find! Thank you so much!

13 thoughts on “5th preview for P4A 3 and first production rollout

  1. Daniel C

    Do you remember that in 4ยบ preview:
    -“a bug with P4A_DB_Source::deleteRow was solved”

    I think is again in this version, because i try to delete a row and i can not.

    Thanks for all

    Daniel C.

  2. Daniel C.

    I’m working on my project and i cant delete. I try products_catalogue and is the same :(

    Really i need this option because my project must be finished soon :)


    Daniel C

  3. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Daniel C.: I don’t know because it’s working here, if you see errors please post them, otherwise I think you haven’t completely replaced old files… you could also try to download SVN trunk instead of preview releases

  4. Daniel C.

    There are not error message, but script takes at least 7 sec to load.
    I’ll try the SVN trunk.

    Anything i write here :D

    Thanks again
    Daniel C.

  5. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Daniel C.: the only thing I can say it that there are some problems with your installation, 7 seconds it’s an impossible tima and again, delete works for products catalogue

  6. Daniel C.

    @Fabrizio: i try many times, is a problem with my firefox on ubuntu because i try in Opera/ubuntu works fine and Firefox/WindowsXp and too works good, i’ll search the cause :D

    Cheers :)

    Daniel C,

  7. Daniel C.

    The error was resolved when i deactivate some extension for firefox :)
    Is strange but i restart firefox and now works all ok.
    Thanks for all

    Daniel C.

  8. Mechano

    I’ll really like with the new version of P4a a new color theme (or more themes)…

    I’m tired of that blue-grey like the Milano’s sky.

    3 themes:
    Blu (a bit brighter);
    Industrial green (acid greenish);
    Human (cream, browns) like the Ubuntu Human theme.

    So I can choose different colors for different target applications…

    And a more clean, commented and all-inclusive CSS file so it’s possible to easly create our own themes.

  9. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Mechano: please post a feature request in SF tracker so we don’t forget about this, it’s a good idea also if it’s a bit time-expesive compared to other :-) PS: your last note is not valid anymore, check p4a 3 css

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