6th preview for P4A 3

Another bugfix release for P4A 3, with a minor new features: the submenu indicator:
can you notice the small gray arrow on the right of the “categories” menu? This arrow will tell users that a submenu is available for that item.

Let’s go to the changelog:

– a bug with invisible P4A_Table was solved
– P4A_Quote_Javascript_String() global function was added
– P4A_Widget::requireConfirmation() method now uses P4A_Quote_Javascript_String()
– screen.css was renamed screen.css.php
– some of the images used for P4A_Table and P4A_Field were moved in a better directory organization
– P4A_Menu has a submenu indicator (a small arrow that make users aware that a submenu is present)
– jQuery::UI::datepicker was updated to 3.4
– a bug with FCKEditor’s filemanager was solved
– P4A_Button now render the “disabled=’disabled'” property if disabled
– P4A_Button now addes ‘p4a_button_disabled’ or ‘p4a_button_image_disabled’ class if disabled
– a bug with P4A_Field autocomplete was solved
– P4A_DB_Source was completely ported to the new error handlers
– multicheckbox CSS was fixed
– P4A_Field::getAsMultiselect() method now added a “size” property if none was specified
– index.php file was reworked and the new logo was added
– index.php file was renamed index.html

Now you can Download P4A 2.99.5, please help us with translations and report us all the bugs you find! Thank you so much!

2 thoughts on “6th preview for P4A 3

  1. Daniel C.

    I’s a great idea the submenu indicator, congratulations :D
    The Spanish site is update already with this preview news , i hope include some examples for newbies :D

    Thanks again for all

    Daniel C.

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