7th preview for P4A 3 and planet P4A opened

We’re doing steps ahead, the P4A 3 feature set is almost complete!

In this release you’ll find that P4A is now based on Zend Framework 1.5 (released today) and a bunch of bugfixes and small modifications.

We’re releasing more and more P4A 3 based projects for our customers and we’re getting a lot of positive feedback, most of all for the speed of the full AJAX stack (as I like to call the new AJAX-only mode).

Another great news: we finally had time to work on P4A planet, which has been opened today, we already have 3 languages (english, italian and spanish) and we hope we’ll have more in the future. If you have a blog and you write about P4A just contact me! I’ll be happy to add your blog to the planet! We’re now working on the new wiki, just give us a few days to complete the work.

Going back to the release, here you have the complete changelog:

– a bug with P4A_Navigation_Bar was solved
– P4A_Fieldset’s CSS was changed a bit so it should have the exact width set by setWidth
– “disabled” property was removed from P4A_Button’s HTML ’cause it caused a rendering bug with floats
– some minor CSS modifications were done
– a bug on Internet Explorer 6 and sidebars was solved
– jQuery::iFixPNG was updated to 2.0
– “folder” and “folder_open” icons were also added in the GIF format (due the ie bug and our usage in list-style-image)
– P4A_DB_Navigator’s CSS was reworked for browser compatibility
– a bug with PostgreSQL and automatic sequence name creation was fixed
– P4A_Thumbnail_Generator::isMimeTypeSupported() method was added
– P4A_Field::getAsFile() method now calls P4A_Thumbnail_Generator::isMimeTypeSupported() before rendering the image preview
– P4A_Field::getAsFile() method now always render the “preview” button, but it will be disabled if no preview is available
– P4A_DB, P4A_Tab_Pane, P4A_Table, P4A_Data_Source and P4A_Widget
were ported to the trigger_error() function for programming errors
– P4A_Error() global function was removed because unused
– P4A now throws an exception when uploading forbidden files
– P4A_EXTENDED_ERRORS was implemented for PHP errors
– P4A_EXTENDED_ERRORS was implemented for exceptions
– Zend Framework was updated to 1.5
– P4A_I18N::setFirstDayOfTheWeek() method was ported to ZF 1.5’s Zend_Locale_Data::getList()

Now you can Download P4A 2.99.6, please help us with translations and report us all the bugs you find! Thank you so much!

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