Turn on your P4A TV, the show is on!

I’m proud to announce that the P4A screencasts channel opens today, turn on your TV or you’ll be late for the show!

The first screencast I’m publishing is about creating an hello world application, using a P4A_Button and some new system messages:

If you want to be a part of the P4A star system create your screencast and contact me, I’ll publish it on the TV :-)

2 thoughts on “Turn on your P4A TV, the show is on!

  1. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @BES: I use gtk-recordmydesktop, with a few changes to the default configuration (10 fps, zero compression, fast subsampling) to lower the cpu load. my resolution is 1280×800, after recording I scale it to 1024×640 and convert it to flv with a single mencoder command. damn cute :-)

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