P4A video: the stateful concept

Just check it out on P4A TV:

6 thoughts on “P4A video: the stateful concept

  1. M.Marnoto

    hi Fabrizio,

    i know what cost to you, in time consuming, to make those screencasts. But, i think that is very important for newbies in p4a (like my self). The learning curve could be shorter, if we have access to some kind of documentation, and the screencasts are a wonderful idea, because we can really see what you trying to say.

    Thank you.

    Miguel Marnoto

  2. Eddie


    These screencasts shows the benefits of the p4a ver.3, if you wish learn p4a, download the 2.2.3 version and follow the tutorials.


  3. RJ


    I have one question… about PHP: as I saw in your videos, why don’t you close the “” at the end of the file?

    I’ve been programming PHP for years, and I’ve always closed them.

    Very interesting project ;)

  4. RJ

    Uhmmm… after sending my post I noticed that the PHP tags didn’t appear (the filter, I suppouse). They were: “” tag :D.

  5. Miguel Marnoto


    i started with p4a 2.2.3, and readed the tutorials and everything that is in de the p4a_2 website and some others “p4a friends” websites.
    I started an app by optimizing the p4a_products_catalogue for my needs, and i think that it’s very easy to learn p4a as an app developer. However the p4a_3 apps are not compatible with p4a_2, and those tutorials are helpful but don’t show every things that could be made with p4a 3.

    The first reason of my post, and i’m not the only one that ask for more documentation, was to tell to the developers team that i know that its not easy to stop developing p4a to write documentation, but it’s a very important work for the growth of the p4a community.
    As far as i know there are 3 members on the developers team, and maybe 3 or 4 good external contributors. Maybe this is what the developers team wants, and we have to thanks to them the fact of p4a be an open source project, but every projects need good documentation for community growth and credibility.

    Actually learning P4A is like an hobby to me, i do not earn a cent with it, but i really believe that this framework have something special and needs to grow.

    One more time, grazie Fabrizio e amici!

    Miguel Marnoto

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