8th preview for P4A 3

P4A 3 is coming, we’ve only 2 tasks to complete in our roadmap!

For 2.99.7, out 8th preview release, I worked most of all on translation support to build multilanguage applications and now our products_catalogue sample has multilanguage features you should explore.

The raw changelog:

– a bug with disabled P4A_Field::getAsCheckbox() was solved
– P4A_Field::getAsRadio()’s CSS was modified a bit
– P4A_Fieldset’s legend is now auto translated on getAsString()
– P4A_Menu’s items are now auto translated on getAsString()
– P4A_Mask’s title is now auto translated on getAsString()
– P4A_Table’s headers names are now auto translated on getAsString()
– P4A_Mask’s title is now automatically generated using ucfirst() function instead of ucwords()
– P4A_I18N::mergeTranslation() method was added
– products catalogue sample application was changed for simplicity (SQL structure also)
– products catalogue sample application multilanguage support was added
– P4A:I18N::format() and normalize() methods now have a new parameter that allows coder to control
if the method should throw an exception or now (default is true)
– P4A_Fields now turns off the exception throwing parameter when calling P4A:I18N::format() or
P4A:I18N::normalize(), to avoid application break due to a wrong input

Now you can Download P4A 2.99.7, please help us with translations (for the next preview I’ll sync all translations) and report us all the bugs you find! Thank you so much!

PS: remember to keep your eyes on the P4A TV!

PPS: spread the word :-)

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