9th preview for P4A 3, closer and closer

Time for a weekend bugfix preview release, there’s only one more task in our roadmap, that’s the P4A_DB_Navigator drag&grop, but we’ve to wait for jQuery UI 1.5 to be released before completing it…

Changelog for this release:

– some minor changes were done after strict validation checks
– products_catalogue sample now has a “date” field to play with
– a bug with empty values in P4A_Tables (passed to formatters) was solved
– P4A_I18N::format() and normalize() methods now returns an empty string if
no value is passed
– P4A_Validate_NotEmpty::isValid() method now correctly handles the “0” string
(which is a Zend Framework bug but we create a workaround for it)
– P4A_I18N::translate() methods returns an empty string if nothing is passed
– minor documentation updates were done on P4A_DB_Source
– Zend Framework was updated to 1.5.1
– P4A_Field::getAsMulticheckbox() and getAsRadio() methods now use
P4A_Generate_Widget_Layout_Table() global function to render labels and inputs
– P4A_Field::getAsDate()’s input is now “readonly”
– a bug with P4A_I18N::format() method managing dates was solved
(forcing format to YYYY-MM-dd)

Next week the new translations will be imported and released, now go ahead and Download P4A 2.99.8, please help us with translations (for the next preview I’ll sync all translations) and report us all the bugs you find! Thank you so much!

PS: remember to keep your eyes on the P4A TV!

PPS: spread the word :-)

9 thoughts on “9th preview for P4A 3, closer and closer

  1. m227

    sorry to say, but this version does not work: can’t login in sample application – after putting p4a as login and pass, and pressing ‘go’ nothing happens (after reload i backs to login). checked on FF2.0 and IE6.

  2. m227

    again. (now I run previous 2.99.4)

    1. If I set discount as 0 it does not validate (“Value is empty…”) message

    2. Is there any possibility to allow user only to insert new record and prevent him from editing existing ones?

  3. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @m227: I think there are some problems with your installation, the problems you talk about in the first comment and point 1 of the second are gone. for the last point the answer can vary, it’s simply a matter of how you create the mask. bye!

  4. brake_c

    I have same problem with login into product_catalogue as m227, php error log contains message:
    [31-Mar-2008 11:53:45] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function setWidth() on a non-object in \httproot\p4a\applications\products_catalogue\objects\products.php on line 154

  5. blas

    Testing the 2.99.8 I found a little thing about i18n…

    In the p4a_header.php file, I think that the “Loading…” text must be changed by something like:

    i18n->translate(“Loading…”) ?>

    in order to translate this text.



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