P4A 3 release candidate 2

The are a lot of things to talk about today, let’s start.

Please take 1 minute to vote P4A in the “Best Tool or Utility for Developers” category (you can nominate P4A for more categories but we think that the suggested one is the right).

This is nothing more than a bugfix release, here’s the changelog:

– a bug with P4A_Field::getAsCheckbox() method was solved
– when a P4A_Field’s value is coming from a POST, P4A::main() now checks if the field is enabled
– translations were synched

Download P4A 3.0.0-rc2

We took some time to work on the website and add some cools features, first of all a nice screenshot section, powered by jquery and the jcarousel and lightbox plugins.

Here you have a screenshot of the new page:

Be sure to check the new website at:

In the new link bar you can find the constantly updated code reference and the link to the translation tools and everything else you will need to live in the P4A world.

The new wiki is installed and available here:
it’s completely empty but you can start registering and we will discuss what to publish and how to do that in the next few days.

PS: the wiki is not linked from the home page yet, we’ll wait for some contents to do that.


  • We’re working on the commercial license and we hope to have it ready soon
  • it seems that the new jquery and jquery UI release will be out in a few days, if it will be so we’ll be happy to include it in P4A 3
  • I’m sure I’m forgetting something :-)

see you soon and spread the word!!!

6 thoughts on “P4A 3 release candidate 2

  1. Mario

    Hi fabrizio, I suggest you to update the link in this post for the download of P4A 3.0.0-rc2. Now it still brings to the older rc1!
    A small question: when using P4A_Output_File() method, why the generated tmp files with _p4a_ prefix are not deleted at the end of the session?
    Bye and compliments for the good work, I’ve just voted P4A!!

  2. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Eddie: thank you very much! :-)

    @Mario: link fixed, thank you for the report (damn cut&paste). for the P4A_Output_File(), i thought there was no way to “understand” when the session is finished, that’s why we don’t delete those file, do you know a way to do that?

  3. Mario

    You’re right, I wrong the question! What I would say is that in P4A documentation is written: “if the filename starts with “_p4a_” it will be deleted after being transfered to the client”, but it doesn’t happen. Perhaps, it’s not so important because it’s very easy to build some code for deleting files in /tmp after a button click!

  4. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Mario: auch i’ve to check that! thanks for the report. I really would those files to be deleted automatically but I can’t see how because if we delete them at the end of the P4A_Output_File() we can’t be sure that the file has been fully transfered to the user… let me know if you’ve an idea.

  5. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Mario: I looked at the file delete problem and actually i forgot how i did that but the fact is that it’s working on my box.

    the P4A_Output_File() creates the temp file, redirect the download to the downloader and exits (without deleting). the downloader strems the file to the browser and then delete it.

    it seems to work for me but let me know

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