P4A 3 development update and commercial license

Hello everybody,

I worked a lot on 3.0-rc3, mostly on 2 things:

  • patching the db_source so that the setTable() method could work with database views too
  • update jQuery to 1.2.5 and implement drag&drop for db_navigator again

I’ve to say that I’m quite stuck with jQuery development, there are many delays and this release introduces (at least in our usage) a lot of regressions due to the integration of the “dimensions” plugin within jQuery core. Many things doesn’t work anymore on Safari 3.1 (win), there are some weird behaviours with opera (but there were also before the latest updates) and the drag&drop has issue on all browsers (ok, jQuery UI 1.5 is in beta, but the problems I’m talking about are related to the “dimensions” plugin again).

I filled a few bug reports on jQuery’s trac, let’s see what happens but I’m in a bad mood now and I can’t release the rc3.

Commercial license update

We finally have a draft of P4A Commercial License Agreement but it should be pretty definitive…

We think we can confirm the 100 Eur + 20% VAT (total = 120 Eur) for every developer, with a year of free upgrades.

Some sample of commercial policy:

  • If 2 analysts and 3 developers work together on a commercial software based on P4A, than you should buy 3 licenses
  • If a company buys 3 licenses and after 2 years the company wants to have new commercial updates, the company will have to pay for all developers that will work again on the commercial applications. Buying only 1 license to gain the commercial package won’t be enough if the application is coded by other developers (also if they have a previous license).

Hope it’s all enough clear.
Please write me all your considerations.

UPDATE: digging on jQuery’s trac I found a post where someone told to change the inclusion order (CSS before JS), I tried and that fixed all bugs. I’ve updated the bugs I filled with this info. I think we can release the rc3, just need a few more test.

7 thoughts on “P4A 3 development update and commercial license

  1. BES

    I’d like to see a low/no-cost option for nonprofit organizations. I’ve built some apps for a nonprofit and really want to move to P4A 3, but that would add another recurring cost burden to their volunteer development efforts. (I want the license so our open-source source code is only distributed to our fellow nonprofits, not the constituencies we serve, for security reasons.)

  2. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @BES: I think that nonprofit organizations should definitively use the open source license, anyway only the authorized users of your applications have the right to access the source code so I don’t think that there should be problems

  3. BES

    The issue is that one of the classes of users is high school students with time on their hands. Parts of the application use encryption and I do not want the algorithms exposed, though I suppose I could make that a separate subsystem that is not subject to the license. (It is all open source to the server installations, trusted IT folks, the concern is exposing it to the world.)

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