P4A 3.0.0-rc4 is out, you choose the new icon set

A few bugfix and a bit of work on P4A_Table for a better readability:

– a default submit button was added to P4A default HTML form
(hidden and without events) to solve the
enter key bug (propagating event to the first button)
– mouseover on system messages pause the fadeOut timer giving
more time to read the messages
– P4A_Table_Col::setHeader() method was marked deprecated
– P4A_Table_Rows and P4A_Table_Col now trigger the onclick event
(in addition to beforeclick and afterclick) useful if you don’t
want the table to move your linked P4A_Data_Source
– P4A_Table::showTitleBar() method was removed because obsolete
– P4A_Table_Rows::disable() won’t disable table’s “action cols”
– A P4A_Table’s caption small rendering bug with safari was solved
– P4A_Table’s CSS was modified for a better readability
– jQuery was updated to 1.2.6
– P4A_Redirect_To_Url() global method was added, useful if you want to
redirect the user outside P4A

Download P4A 3.0.0-rc4, but before downloading, please take a minute to nominate P4A for the Sourceforge 2008 community choice awards:

New icon set survey
As you may know the default P4A’s icon set has been the “nuvola” one for ages, now for the 3.0 release we’re asking you if you continue to love the nuvola style or you wish to switch to the tango icon set (preview below, click to enlarge):

We’re waiting for your feedback!!

12 thoughts on “P4A 3.0.0-rc4 is out, you choose the new icon set

  1. Daniel C.

    Excellent !!!
    I love Tango icons, i will try rigth now
    Fabrizio good work :)
    Question: How i change the icons set?
    Best regards
    Daniel C.

  2. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    I’m sorry to write that we went deep into licensing and we found out that we can’t include tango because they are under a CC license, which is not compatible with GPL…

  3. Eddie

    Fabrizio, i’ve ben synchronized the svn, but now in IE7 the icons doesn’t display, the messages doesn’t display the images either.

    The Loading label still shows in Firefox until click any element and the messages never displays.


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