Tango icons…

do no have the “window-close” icon, if I was a designer I would create that by myself.

I’m looking at many icon themes in these days and none is complete, all inherit from gnome default (which is released under gpl thus it’s not usable in many cases).

I think that there’s too much mess in the floss artwork between incomplete works and incompatibilities between licenses.

UPDATE: Jakub Szypulka created the icon window-close icon, I hope his artwork will be uploaded to the official tango icons theme (otherwise none would be able to find it and licensing would be a mess). I want to thank him here also if we found that CC and GPL are not compatible thus we cannot bundle tango icons within P4A :-(

3 thoughts on “Tango icons…

  1. Adam Theo

    I saw your post on the Tango mailing list. I am pretty sure you can use the icons in your application, even though it is web based. I am not a lawyer, or real expert, but as long as you attribute the work properly in the application (perhaps in an “about” page displayed to the user or administrator), and make any modified icons available from your website, you should be fine.

    I’ve made a post about your situation on my website, and hopefully someone will see that and clear this up for you.

  2. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Adam Theo: at the moment, to avoid every possible legal problem I don’t want to deal with, I’m going to choose LGPL icons (nuvola/oxygen) and wait for gnome-icon-theme to be relicensed under LGPL (hopefully for gnome 2.24). I’m sorry but due to the fact that this matter isn’t clear I prefer to stay on the clear side (actually there’s also no possibility to pay an international expert lawyer).

  3. Jakub Szypulka (Cube)

    Helo Fabrizio,

    Hi Adam (what a small world, huh? :D),

    if you keep having licence problems, simply tell me and you’ll get the close icon(s) in any licence you need (except Public Domain and similar).

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