P4A 3.0.0-rc5 released, hopefully the last one :)

It’s been a long time since we published rc4 (2 weeks? :-)) anyway, we wanted to work a bit on the graphic theme giving develpers the possibility to change the look&feel of their applications with ease and we introduced some variations to the default P4A theme which was pretty the same since some years :)

Now check out the new default theme:

You can notice that we’ve shadows, gradients and some new icons… but… with just a few lines of code you can get:

or this:

or thousands more :-)

To know how to create color schemas and icons pack just check the rc5 overview on P4A TV

Now, I’m running out of time so let’s jump to the changelog:

– P4A_Table’s CSS was beautified a bit
– _disabled icons were removed, opacity: 0.2 filter is added to buttons
to simulate the disabled effect
– P4A_Message’s CSS was changed due to the variation of its usage,
now it’s not black/bold anymore
– P4A_Table’s order/row indicators were replaced with HTML entities
removing the need for icons
– default fonts in CSS were changed because of the lack of some UTF-8
characters in IE6
– P4A_Menu’ submenu indicator icon was replaced with an HTML entity
which is applied by a javascript function because the indicator
has no reason to be in the HTML
– spacer.png image was removed ’cause unused
– loading.gif was moved from icons directory to theme directory
– some new constants were added to customize theme colors
– a bug with PNG uploads under IE was fixed
– separator.png icon was removed
– P4A_Toolbar’ separators are now rendered as empty divs instead of
an image
– P4A_Toolbar’ were switched from P4A_Image to P4A_Box
– P4A_Toolbar::setSize() method now checks if buttons have the setSize
method to propagate it, otherwise tries the setHeight method, otherwise
throws a warning
– P4A_Message default size was changed to 32
– 48 pixels icons were removed
– a gradient was added to some elements in the default theme
– P4A::messageInfo(), messageWarning() and messageError() methods
were added wrapping P4A::message() method
– P4A icons now implements the freedesktop icon naming specifications:
– P4A_Mask’s default icon size was changed from 48 to 32
– P4A_Table_Navigation_Bar’s current page indicator was switched from a
P4A_Label to a P4A_Box because the P4A_Label has to be bundled with a
– a nice shadow effect was added to system messages and tooltips if
not on handheld or internet explorer browsers
– jQuery::UI was updated to 1.5
– P4A_DB_Navigator’s HTML was reworked to work on ie6 without GIF images
and removign inline CSSes

DOWNLOAD P4A 3.0.0-rc5

11 thoughts on “P4A 3.0.0-rc5 released, hopefully the last one :)

  1. Eddie

    Fabrizio, under IE7 the icons in messages shows a X (image not available). Under Mozilla simply doesn’t shows.


  2. blas


    I experience the same effects that Eddie comments. I explore the object (using de firefox object explorer) and I look that the path to this images are in the “old way” … P4A_ICONS_PATH./32/save.png (more or less).


  3. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    that’s because the icons were changed, you should use the base_mask’s methods for messages which are $this->info(), $this->warning(), $this->error(), these methods has been ported to the new icons schema, directly use the p4a::message() needs a little fixing work to change icons name…

  4. blas


    I see that the problem, in my case, is that I don’t use the standard toolbars, then I need to “rename” the icons I use…



  5. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    i’m sorry about that but… we felt that we had to do that know instead of waiting for something like a 3.2 released because someone could say “hey, 3.0 is out since a month and the icons theme are not compatible”.. that’s why we preferred to do that before the 3.0 release and this will also give the feeling that something is changed to new users

  6. Mechano

    Wow, that’s what I intended for themeable framework!

    Just some color themes and the same easy configuration of color schemas and the personalization features will be complete.

    Just one question, but did you introduce the “header” and “footer” objects to personalize this parts?
    Or we have still to work into the CSS/HTML code?
    I mean something that permits an easy dynamic control and introducing of elements in this sides…

    Adding header, footer, right and left element, plus a central panel, or something that permits the creation of this elements, will make P4A universal framework to create both backends and frontends,

  7. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Mechano: hi mechano, it’s a long time…

    color schemas will be published on the wiki and developers will be able to cut&paste them in their applications, i think it’s the easiest way

    we did not think about headers and footers, do you have suggestions?

    thank you anyway for your comment!!

  8. Mechano

    They easy way (talking from the developer side) of implementing the header and foother is to add an object similar to the others used into P4A, mask, fieldset, table with the same creation syntax.

    The objects that I’ll like to create into header and footer is the html box, or the ability to insert arbitrary html code (with some exclusion that will create problem to the rest of the page), pictures, buttons, fields for input (i.e. to implement searching).

  9. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Mechano: I talked with Andrea about that and to do that we would need to have a more powerful layout manager (something like the extjs borderlayout), we hope to have it soon in something like a 3.2 release but we’ve to postpone this task after the 3.0 release :-\

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