P4A 3.0 is out!

It was a long long journey started on December 17th, 2007, with more than 800 commits it has really been an hard work but we’re proud to tell everybody that P4A 3.0 is finally released!

Thank you everybody contributed to this wonderful release!

I suggest you to check the official release notes, they’re full of useful info and… For who was waiting… commercial license is available too.

Note: the image at the top is just a humorous revisitation of P4A logo with some “300 the movie” effect :-) hope you enjoyed.

1 thought on “P4A 3.0 is out!

  1. Daniel

    Congratulations !!!!
    P4A3 is out now :)

    Thanks for give us the opportunity to contribute and use this project.

    Thanks and congratulations again :-)

    Daniel C

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