New Lancia Delta website… the inverted scrollbar syndrome

I was browsing the new Lancia Delta website, selecting my language, clicking on “enter the website”, skipping the intro and clicking on the “discover” link (I can’t provide a direct link ’cause it’s all flash).

Here I found a weird behavior, try using the scrollbar on the right and you’ll find it by yourself: the scrollbar is working in the opposite way every scrollbar in world works.

Why should a web designer invert the scrollbar behavior? Maybe I can’t understand ’cause I’m not all that creative?

3 thoughts on “New Lancia Delta website… the inverted scrollbar syndrome

  1. pecus

    I think the behaviour mimics that of a scroll wheel, but I’ll ask the designer the logic behind it. Not to defend anyone, I think the page element is not strictly a scrollbar widget and in that sense the behaviour is tolerated. I would not go further in defending it, as I value the perception of the user higher than the expectations of the designer.

    Disclaimer: I work for the company that developed the website.

  2. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @pecus: I wrote this post just because I couldn’t understand what was happening on the page when I was browsing it, so this is not just an empty critic but a feeling after usage. just to make you know :-)

  3. pecus

    That’s how I intended it ;-)

    When the user feels a sense of failure, the culprit is rarely in the hands of the user (see perception vs. expectations above).

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