P4A 3.0.2 is out

We’re not on holiday yet, time for a new minor release :-)


  • a small change was done on P4A_Array_Source to enable the usage of empty array_sources without warnings
  • tooltips are now automatically translated at rendering time
  • P4A_DB_Source::saveRow() now reads pk values back from Zend_DB_Table::insert() gaining better functionality with auto increment primary keys
  • jQuery UI was updated to 1.5.2
  • a small bug with P4A_I18N::_normalize() method was solved
  • p4a_focus_set() javascript function was reworked to avoid a javascript warning in firebug
  • loading a P4A_Array_Source with a simple array of data now does not create the “0” field anymore, it’s been renamed to “f0” to avoid problems with some PHP configurations with numerical object properties

Download P4A 3.0.2

4 thoughts on “P4A 3.0.2 is out

  1. Eddie

    Fabrizio, since the version 3.0.1, the date popup just shows the previous and next 10 years. If i select 1998, the previous 10 (1978-1987) years doesn’t shows.

  2. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Eddie: I can see that now, maybe something has changed in the jQuery::UI::datepicker and now it does not refill the years dropdown on change… I’m thinking on how to solve that.

  3. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Eddie: I’ve added a setYearRange method to P4A_Field so, starting from the next release, you’ll be able to change that behavior. Hope you’ll like that :)

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