P4A 3.0.3 released

Time for a new maintenance release for our beloved framework, here you’ve the complete changelog:

– P4A_Thumbnail_Generator now supports ie’s pjpeg extension
– a bug with P4A_I18N::_format() method was solved
(YYYY was changed to yyyy)
– P4A_Field::setYearRange() method was added to be able to
manage the year range in the datepicker
– 10px top padding was added to P4A_Fieldset
– jQuery::maskedinput 1.1.4 plugin was added
– P4A_Field::setInputMask() and getInputMask() methods were added,
check the code reference for usage
– popup template support for “top” zone was added
– P4A_Table’s caption (label) is now automatically traslated at run time
– P4A now triggers the “ontranslate” event, you can intercept it
(getting string/translation/istranslated parameters) to track
translations while developing your application
– a bug with P4A_Table’s label with IE6 was fixed
– P4A_Table’s navigation bar’s “go to page” label’s CSS was changed
so now it will remain on a single line
– a typo in P4A_DB_Source documentation was fixed
– a PHP warning was fixed in P4A_DB_Navigator
– more info were added in products_catalogue’s index.php file
– P4A_Mask::setRequiredField() and unsetRequiredField() methods
now check if the field exists before calling the addValidator()
otherwise show an error message

Download P4A 3.0.3

8 thoughts on “P4A 3.0.3 released

  1. Daniel

    Hi Fabrizio:
    I try to change a date field, but i need it in spanish not in english, have i to change something ??
    Thanks for all :)


  2. Daniel

    Hi again:
    It was my error, sorry:
    If I write before require_once ‘p4a.php’ that define(“P4A_LOCALE” ‘es_CL’); not shows me with my language datepicker.
    It is strange but change the code line works fine :D

    Thanks :)


  3. Eddie

    Hi Fabrizio!

    Since the addition of 10px top padding to P4A_Fieldset, my forms or “masks” doesn’t look good in IE7. Now every row is separated 10px each one.

    May you correct that?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Eddie: if I remember well, 10px was added only to the fieldset, that cannot change all the rows, maybe that bug was present already before the change you’re talking about, can you please post a bug report on sourceforge tracker? thank you!

  5. Raffaele Candeliere

    Ciao. Complimenti per il prodotto.
    Io ho sviluppato un applicazione con pgsql e P4A 2.2. Ora vorrei provare ha migrarla. Ho seguito le (poche) indicazioni che si trovano su wikipedia ma sembra che i cambiamenti siano molti di più. Sembra, correggimi se sbaglio, che il methodo anchor di p4a_sheet non accetti più la versione
    con il parametro implicito per il numero di riga. Quindi devi scrivere espliciitamente riga e colonna per ancorare un oggetto. Poi, non riesco a capire perché, se gli passo un fieldset da ancorare (es.: $this->fls_oggetto), ottengo un errore che mi dice di passare “solo widgets o stringhe al metodo”. Poi il metodo addCss è sparito dalla classe p4a_mask.
    Non sono espertissimo di PHP per cui volevo capire se sono io che sbaglio qualcosa di grossolano o se effettivamente ci sono tutte queste differenze (a parte quelle “dichiarate” tra PHP4 e PHP5 come il fatto della “&” o il construct).
    In questo caso, mi sapresti dare una stima del tempo che ci vorrebbe per rimettere tutto in piedi sotto p4a 3.0?

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