Ubuntu Customization Kit 2.0.4 is out

I took this weekend to work a bit on UCK, port it to Intrepid and release it, here you’ve the changelog:

  • initrd detection was updated to intrepid
  • ISO mime type detection was updated to intrepid
  • langlist was updated to intrepid

Now you can go ahead and download UCK 2.0.4!

7 thoughts on “Ubuntu Customization Kit 2.0.4 is out

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  4. papy


    i’ve tried UCK and this is a good program.
    The only missing feature is the ability to customize
    a iso image in several stages.
    It would be interesting to be able to customize a first
    time, and then, relaunch the program to modify some other parts.
    UCK should keep the files used for remastering the first
    time and detect at the second launch if they’re present,
    then perhaps ask if we want to continue customizing or
    create a new iso.
    Anyway, thanks for your good job.


  5. andrei

    hi i am using uck 2.0.4 to make a custom alternate cd and it seems that I have found a bug.

    At first i was making custom cd of Ubuntu 7.04(i386) alternate wich worked perfectly, then i started with Ubuntu 8.04.1(i386) alternate and when runing the comand with my gpg key it asks only once for my password then exits with warning. After some digging(trying to do all this manualy) i found out that build-essential have to be installed.
    Well my suggestion is to add build-essential dependency to this program because it didnt worked without it. And by the way i used clean install of ubuntu 8.04.1 with no updates.

    p.s. thanks for this great program

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