Ubuntu Mini Remix 8.10

You want to create your own Ubuntu Based distro but you don’t want to start from scratch? Ubuntu Mini Remix is the answer you’ll looking for!

It’s the smallest Ubuntu out there, only 133MB, fully functional, you can also use it as a rescue cd!

Download it and, using an ISO remastering software like Ubuntu Customization Kit, start customizing it adding your preferred software, graphic and everything you want.

7 thoughts on “Ubuntu Mini Remix 8.10

  1. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    fine, also if they’re a little bit different cause the “minimal” has a lot of text-based tools while “mini remix” is just a set of packages without tools that are not by default in the ubuntu desktop ISO.

    I also see that “minimal” seems to put the “live” experience on the background (which is far from the default ubuntu desktop behavior) and downloads every package from the net when you boot it (after asking a lot of questions) so maybe you reduce the ISO size but make users download a big amount of packages.

    just different points of view.

  2. Tiago Faria

    I don’t make users download anything. I use the .ISO as a base, install and configure everything I want, and then build my .ISO.

  3. Aniket

    I want am trying achieve something as following,

    “necessary packages required to run ubuntu (debian based OS) + additional applications (doc viewer, vlc, chrome) + [OPTIONAL : desktop customization] + predefined installation script OR graphical installer = Customized Ubuntu (dabian based) Live ISO [with minimum size]”

    I checked couple solutions. But I could not achieve it.
    #) LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch
    #) LiveCDCustomization
    #) Ubuntu customization with UCK, ubuntu-builder, …

    Through most of the above efforts, I could able to install additional application (packages) before building customized ISO (and removal of few application like games in case of ubuntu_12.04_desktop ISO). But could not test that ISO, as I stuck with some problems. Main problems are No graphical installation and No desktop environment/graphical user interface

    I used different ISOs : ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386, ubuntu-mini-remix-12.04-i386.iso, ubuntu-remix.iso, mini.iso

    Please guide me for this. Also neither I could install mini ISO not ubuntu_mini_remix ISO (I am using VirtualBox)

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