jQuery UI Layout 1.0

You may already know that Kevin Dalman and I were working on a new jQuery UI Layout project, based on my FBBorderLayout now you have the layout system based on jQuery!

Some features:

  • unlimited layout capabilities: 5 regions per layout – unlimited nesting
  • simple to use: powerful but simple syntax is easy to learn
  • dozens of options: every aspect is customizable, globally and by region
  • total CSS control: dozens of auto-generated classes create ANY UI look
  • extensible: callbacks, methods, and special utilities provide total control
  • custom buttons: integrates with your own buttons for a custom UI look
  • use any elements: use divs, iframes or any elements you want as a ‘pane’
  • collapsable: each pane can be closed, using any UI animation you want
  • hidable: panes can be completely hidden, either on startup or at any time
  • resizable: each pane can be resized, within automatic or specified limits
  • slidable: panes can also ‘slide open’ for temporary access
  • headers & footers: each region has unlimited headers or footers
  • nesting capabilities: put layouts within layouts to create complex layouts
  • demo mode: set applyDefaultStyles option for a fully functional layout
  • compatible with UI widgets: intended to be used with other UI widgets
  • and MORE

Visit jQuery UI Layout official website for demos, documentation and download!

4 thoughts on “jQuery UI Layout 1.0

  1. Doglas A. Dembogurski

    Hello I Have a problem because FBBorderLayout user jquery 1.6.2 and now i need use jquery 1.3.x for the new components but if I use jquery 1.3x dont work the slide efect in the layouts.
    How I can upgrade FBBorderLayout to 1.3x

  2. mike Mayors

    Fabrizio Balliano : Great p4a but i have problems implementing layout manager , you have to solve this problems also, problems with tree views. If you implement treeview and layout managers the p4a will rocks out. I implementes treeview but have problems with the json calls and compatibility with explorers.. Treeviews are needed.. But thanks for p4a

  3. nainesh


    I got problem when I put WEST 2 block to center pane and refresh browser, the block WEST 2 moved to its original place, so I want to store the place of the WEST 2 block in cookie.

    and same with all the blocks
    when I move block to some place and refresh the page
    blocks moved to its original place I want to relode in same position when I set the position of that block

    in short i want to store the position of the block in cookie.


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