Ubuntu Customization Kit 2.0.5 is out!

Do you want to remaster the Ubuntu ISOs? Here you have the tool you’ve ever wanted :-)

In this release you’ll find a few minor bugfix but we’ve been working with a great guy (Alessio Treglia) to make UCK enter Ubuntu’s “universe” repository, we’ll keep you up to date about this wonderful goal!


* GUI:
* UCK version number fix

* Backend:
* uck-remaster script now outputs UCK version
for a better debugging
* minor fix to download-gfxboot-theme-ubuntu
(thanks to Alessio Treglia)

* Package:
* minor fixes to uck.desktop (thanks to Alessio Treglia)
* some license/copyright issues were fixed (thanks to Alessio Treglia)

Download Ubuntu Customization Kit 2.0.5.

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