P4A 3.2.2 is out!


– P4A_Table’s image cols are now centered horizontally
– P4A_Button::setTooltip() and getTooltip() methods were added
– afterupload event typo was fixed
– P4A_Thumbnail_Generator::renderToFile() method was added
– P4A_Mask::getSource() method was added
– Zend Framework was updated to 1.7.7
– a bug with P4A_Fieldset theme was fixed (thanks to Mario Spada)
– P4A_DB::singleton() DB type verification is now case insensitive (bug #2643785) (thanks to BES)
– a few modifications were done on screen.css file for a better theme result (thanks to pbond81)
– The way we managed P4A_Validate translations was rewritten to fit the new rules by Zend Framework (we need your help translating the new messages)
– a bug with P4A_DB_Source::setWhere() method was fixed
– translations were synchronized
– auto file inclusion system was updated to avoid reading Mac hidden files
– a bug with P4A_DB_Source::addGroup() method was solved (internal syntax change due to a Zend Framework change)
– p4a_load_js() javascript function was updated to avoid errors if no callback function is passed

Download P4A 3.2.2

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