P4A 3.4 rocks out

It’s been a long time since 2003 when we created the first release of P4A (formerly named MerlinWork), we passed from PHP4 to PHP5, from PEAR to Zend Framework, from PEAR::DB to MDB2 to ADODB to Zend_DB, we got jQuery under our hood and with P4A 3.2 we gained a great great great stability and powerfulness.

P4A 3.4 is not an extremely giant leap, our base engines were updated (Zend Framework, jQuery, jQuery UI), we have a few new widgets (P4A_Progress_Bar and P4A_Dir_Navigator) and we got a lot a bugs fixed continuing to gain stability.

On the enterprise side we have a better Oracle support (most of all using LOBs).

On the rendering side we migrated a lot of code to jQuery UI and jQuery CSS framework, so we can relay on a stable cross browser CSS/widget framework and avoid a lot of troubles with the browser rendering.

Updating is suggested to everyone!
Enjoy our new beloved web application framework release!

Download P4A 3.4.0
Official P4A website

Complete changelog:

– Zend Framework was updated to 1.8.4
– jQuery was updated to 1.3.2
– jQuery UI was updated to 1.7.2
– P4A_Tab_Pane was converted to jQuery UI
– P4A_Fieldset and P4A_Tab_Pane now have rounder borders
– a note about handling dates with Oracle was added to the README file
– outline CSS property was removed
– If magic_quotes_gpc are enebled P4A strips out all slashes from $_POST,
– P4A_Dir_Navigator widget was added
– P4A_Widget::composeStringActions() method now uses
– a bug with P4A_Dir_Source and hidden files was solved
– P4A_Dir_Source::getNumRows() method was added
– P4A_I18N::format() support for “filesize” data type was added
– P4A_Dir_Source now supports file size and last modification time
– P4A_Dir_Source’s cache was removed due to refactoring
– P4A_Simple_Edit_Mask now supports empty $source constructor param
(default is the mask name)
– P4A_Progress_Bar widget was added
– P4A footer was moved to allow better centering when sidebars are visible
– when uploading a file, it will have a temporary file until the corresponding
record won’t be saved
– a bug with P4A_Strip_Double_Backslashes global function was fixed
(thanks to bobkoure)
– a bug with Zend_Framework and Oracle was fixed (stripped zend_db_rownum column)
– P4A_DB_Navigator now can work also without recursor (flat list is shown)
– P4A_Mask::displayText() method was marked as deprecated, you can now use
P4A_Mask::display() that now has no hardcoded object reference
– P4A_Data_Source::isFirstRow() and isLastRow() methods were added
– a bug with P4A_Message and IE7 was solved
– Oracle’s LOBs are now supported
– P4A_Object’s ID generation algorithm was changed (thanks to pbond81 and Mario Spada)
– P4A_Table thumbnail generation speed was improved (bug #2220506) (thanks to pbond81)
– P4A_Box’s ul/ol is now rendered (bug #2634061) (thanks to bes_sf)
– a note about aliases on P4A_DB_Source’s PK was added to the README file
– P4A_DB_Source now automatically detects Oracle’s NUMBER data type
– P4A_Tab_Pane’s height honoring bug was fixed (bug #2815814)
– P4A_Widget::composeStringActions() now handles parameters with backslashes inside
– a bug with P4A_I18N::format() of boolean data was fixed
– a bug with multicheckbox’s CSS on some browsers was fixed
– a bug with P4A_DB_Source::saveRow and multiple primary keys was solved

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  2. Setiawan


    Thank you for the hard work.
    Any plans to make the documentation more complete?
    Or write any book on the web application development using P4A?

    Thank you.

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