P4A 3.4.1 is out

Hello everybody, the new release of our beloved PHP Framework is ready to be downloaded, this is a maintenance release but we’re adding a frequently requested feature, DB logging and profiling! Just take a look at the “products_catalogue”‘s index.php and check the new P4A_DB_PROFILE constant, enable it and run the application to find our how easy is to take care about your DBs :-)

Full changelog:

– strong/em are now supported by P4A tooltips
– DSN charset support was added to set DB connection charset
– Zend Framework was updated to 1.9.2
– jquery::maskedInput plugin was updated to 1.2.2
– P4A_Object::__call() method was changed from private to public for PHP 5.3 compliance
– P4A_Tab_Pane’s CSS padding was changed a bit to fix a rendering bug on firefox/chrome
– P4A_DB_PROFILE constant was added, it will output every query executed on every DB

Download P4A 3.4.1

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