P4A 3.4.2 is out!


– a bug with backslashes stripping was solved (bug #2853694)
– a typo was fixed in P4A_DB (profiler activation)
– P4A_Tab_Pane now correctly handles disabled pages
– a bug with P4A_Table’s ordering with P4A_DB_Source having a group clause was solved
– Zend Framework was updated to 1.9.4
– P4A_Thumbnail_Generator won’t generate a thumb bigger than the original image
– P4A_Data_Source::exportAsCSV() was reworked allowing field ordering and field descriptions

Download P4A 3.4.2

1 thought on “P4A 3.4.2 is out!

  1. Yudi

    I just have tested upgrading my app to P4A 3.4.2.
    Today, I checked there’s the new version: 3.4.3 with a quite a list of updates.

    Really appreciate your hard work.
    Thank you.

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