UCK 2.0.11 is out

I’m really happy today, a brand new UCK version is freely available, here the nice changelog:

* GUI:
* ISO mime type check was removed because new Ubuntu ISOs
have “x-iso9660” mime type
* a bug with cd language selection was solved
(thanks to Wolf Geldmacher)

* Backend:
* .lz initrd support was added (thanks to Wolf Geldmacher)
* new isolinux configuration format is now supported
(thanks to Wolf Geldmacher)
* if a local copy of gfxboot-theme-ubuntu is found inside ~/tmp
it won’t be downloaded from bzr, allowing better customizations
(thanks to Wolf Geldmacher)
* gfxboot-theme-ubuntu source download routine was completely rewritten
using wget instead of bzr

But the most important thing is that Wolf Geldmacher, the guy who provided most of the patches for this release, is joining UCK development team, this is an awesome news!

So now hurry up and download UCK 2.0.11 while it’s hot!

2 thoughts on “UCK 2.0.11 is out

  1. maxx

    Hi there,
    Is there anyway we could change the release of the Ubuntu to what ever we want? For example, I want to give a name to my Ubuntu remixed to: Maxx2Vision

    How do we do that?

    Thanks in advance!

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