Ubuntu Mini Remix 10.04.1 is out!

With the updated official Ubuntu ISO, it was time to rebuild all Ubuntu Mini Remix images, for both 32 and 64bit architectures, so here you have!

Ubuntu Mini Remix 10.04.1

6 thoughts on “Ubuntu Mini Remix 10.04.1 is out!

  1. Jor3l

    Hi Fabrizio,

    Actually, you cant use UCK with UMR, tried today and there is no way to customize it with the GUI, also the command line is pretty hard to understand, so, is there any guide?.


  2. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    I’m sorry I read UNR instead of UMR ;-) anyway if you look at the uck-remaster-* scripts they’re pretty self-explanatory, at the moment there are no tutorials but I’ll promise I’ll write one as soon as all my 10.10 releases will be out!

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