P4A 3.6.1 available now!

The first bugfix spin after the 3.6 rollout, let’s take a look at the changelog

– P4A_DB_Source::load() now returns an object also when setQuery() is used
– P4A_DB_Source::load()’s autosequence creation now checks that the field
exists before calling the setSequence()
– a bug with P4A_Redirect_To_Url and P4A_Redirect_To_File was solved
(bug #3039449)
– better focus management for P4A_Grid
– a bug with AJAX javascript returning and html entities was solved

Download P4A 3.6.1

3 thoughts on “P4A 3.6.1 available now!

  1. Arber

    Dear Fabrizio,

    Congratulations for the good work.

    I’m having a problem with P4A 3.6.1, the validators error messages did not display.
    Am I missing something?


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