UCK’s PPA(s) now available!

Great news coming for our beloved project for Ubuntu ISOs remastering, today, working with Wolf (a talented programmer from UCK dev team) we created the UCK’s PPA so everyone could have the latest updated releases with ease.

So go on and type:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:uck-team/uck-stable

and you’re done :-)

Actually we opened another PPA, that’s for brave people who want to test absolutely UNSTABLE snapshots of UCK, it’s names uck-unstable (same command as above but with “uck-unstable” instead of “uck-stable”). I’m not going to write the full add-apt-repository command for the unstable PPA to avoind some copy&paste troubles :-)

Have a great day everyone!

8 thoughts on “UCK’s PPA(s) now available!

  1. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Andrew: first of all I’m a big fan of webupd8 thus it’s amazing to see your comment :-)) I just wrote Wolf about the maverick uck-test, I’m sure he’ll fix that asap (actually because it should be only for maverick due to some new dependencies).. bye!

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  3. juan carlos

    Hello Fabrizio Balliano is an honor to know that you can read my comment.

    I am a student of communications networks and Peru.

    I commented that at my university we had a project to create a Linux distribution free after KLA was surprised to know all your options for customization and package management.

    I congratulate you, I will strive to someday be like you.

    I would like to ask you please send me information to change and modify the uplash theme that Ubuntu comes by default.

    thanks for your answer.

  4. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @juan carlos: thank you for your compliments, maybe a bit exaggerated :)
    coming to your question, the splash system used by modern ubuntu releases is gfxboot, you’ll find some info of the web about it, to make it work with uck I suggest you not to use the uck-gui but the uck-remaster-* scripts and take a look at the libraries/customization-profiles/localized_cd/customize_iso file wich is the one that works with gfxboot default customization :)

  5. James

    Will this work with a running livecd? I guess I’m asking if I boot a live Ubuntu CD and make all the changes i need even make changes to settings inside apps can I make a custom ISO from the running system thats running in RAM?

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