P4A 3.6.2 available now!

Another 3.6 serie release, let’s take a look at the changelog

– P4A_Field::setSource() now correctly handles null param
– CKEditor was updated to 3.4
– P4A_DB_Source::getRowPosition() now correctly handles multivalue fields
(bug #3057839)
– forcing IE to use his latest rendering engine
– some javascript fixes were applied to make IE ajax system work
– Zend Framework was updated to 1.10.8
– P4A_I18N now correcly handles 3 chars languages (like “fil”)
– translations were updated
– Filipino translation was added (thanks to Elin Eon)

Download P4A 3.6.2

5 thoughts on “P4A 3.6.2 available now!

  1. Daniel

    Excellent, congratulations.
    I see you’ve had too much work in this version.

    Again congratulations and thank you for this great framework

    Daniel Carrero C.

  2. Brett

    I’m trying to view the videos on nthe P4 tv site and they don’t work. I tried using Firefox 3.6 and IE 7.

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