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Hello everybody, it’s a long time since the last non-announce post, today I feel I want to share an idea I worked on in the last few days.

Last saturday I went to the Drupal Camp in Turin, it was a sweet event, with a great organization, but that’s another story :) Going back home I thought about the fact that our beloved Ubuntu does not have a camp initiative, there is the Linux Day, which is wonderful, but an Ubuntu focused Camp would definitively rock!

I wrote Mark about my idea and he gave me a positive feedback, later I wrote the Ubuntu trademarks team to understand how to register the ubuntucamp domains (remember you should not register an *ubuntu* domain without the authorization of the Ubuntu trademarks team), they gave me positive feedback telling me they wanted me to work with the LoCo team to do that, wrote the Italian LoCo team council, now I’m waiting for their answer.

Working since 10 years in the FLOSS world I have a few contacts interested in participating, I had some talks with a few of them and got some other contacts for places and sponsorships so things are already moving fast! I’m not going to tell you everything right now but I’m sure it will be great.

The first Italian Ubuntu Camp? I want it to be for natty release, we’re 6 months to get everything done, I think it’s a great timing, not too long and not too short.

I’m committed to make this thing work out and be a success, it will create more audience for Ubuntu itself and more work opportunities for all the great professionals who work with Ubuntu, it will be awesome!

If you want to be a host, be a speaker or be a part of it please drop me a line!

One thought on “Ubuntu Camp initiative

  1. Andrea Colangelo

    This sounds like a very interesting idea. I will definitely like to be part of it, and I suppose the whole ubuntu-it community would be. I’m looking forward for more posts about this idea, I hope you will share more details about it.

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