Probably the best WordPress LinkedIn profile plugin :-)

A few weeks ago I was working on my Italian professional website and I wanted to use my LinkedIn profile as the website’s home page, I tried some of the existing WordPress LinkedIn plugins but none of them was working (they use a bunch of complex regex that are really easy to break, if LinkedIn changes its pages a little bit all of them won’t work, and that was the case) so I started to write my own LinkedIn resume plugin.

I used a different approach using DOM parsing and I think that will be absolutely bulletproof :)
It also outputs raw parts of LinkedIn HTML so it’s much easier to style and we’re sure that it will include every future feature LinkedIn may add (also without my intervention), I think that’s a great plus.

Release 1.3 it’s available right now and the plugin (available under GPL license) is right there for you to download and use for free.
Check it out!

5 thoughts on “Probably the best WordPress LinkedIn profile plugin :-)

  1. BAC


    Great plugin. Thanks.
    If you are accepting feature requests, would be great to be able to target a linkedin profile with a shortcode and allow multiple linkedin profiles to be placed on one page.

    Might be a big ask but a very popular feature for corporate sites i’d say.


  2. Cliff

    Hi Fabrizio. Great work here. I am trying to create a WordPress member site where I can have folks login with their LinkedIn credentials and pre-populate professional details into the standard WordPress user profile from their LinkedIn profiles. Is that possible with your plugin?

  3. Damien

    Hey that’s great Fabrizio. I’m doing something similar for LinkedIn Groups. You can see the progress and general features we’re aiming for via the above link. Might have to compare notes some time :)

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