UCK 2.4.6 is out!

A new maintainance release is ready just for you, giving you full precise compatibility, here’s the changelog:

— 2.4.6 —

* Frontend:
* Unity was added to the desktop manager choice
Fixes #946404

* Backend:
* Languages list was updated to precise
* A bug with /etc/resolv.con on precise was fixed
Fixes #946480
* A bug with xubuntu-terminal was fixed
Fixes #892590
* grub-probe now is deactivated during chroot processes
Fixes #956495
* Package:
* Added 64x64px icon
Fixes #970827

Download UCK 2.4.6 or use our stable PPA.

21 thoughts on “UCK 2.4.6 is out!

  1. Marcos

    UCK. Don ‘t work in ubuntu 12.04. In don’t know why, but i think thats is something bad in the UCK-gui script

  2. beeju

    Thank you very much for the fix.I had problem with resolv.conf on Precise and could not customize any ISO.I am excited to see this fix and going to install it. I have another issue that UCK does not allow me to customize Precise ISO as this file /home/USER/tmp/remaster.root/var/run file exists error.Anyway let me do the changes first and see how it works for me.Thanks a lot.

  3. Salvatore

    I know it’s not good but I need to hurry customize ubuntu desktop 4.12 i386 for workers in my company, we’re going to get into linux, and I want to fix some errors that have the uck 2.4.6, this gives me building failed to choose between building the iso on either console or gnome or synaptic unity is urgent because we’re going to change now and not to do the same thing over and over again I customizes the ubuntu to install. I hope you have luck, carefully:
    SGB ​​computer science department of a municipality

  4. Silvia

    Hi Fabrizio,

    what about SVN? I can’t find any link on here!

    Have a pleasant weeekend,

  5. Silvia

    Sorry Fabrizio, but it seems that “resolv.conf bug” while remastering 12.04 isn’t yet fixed … is it possible?

    Here 2.4.6 log; I’ve tried both with stable and svn version: always the same error (even if I add “–remove-destination” to the cp -f in line 357 in /usr/lib/uck/remaster-live-cd.sh (lines copied below).

    I don’t call launchpad for a bug because is a known bug and probaly is me the one who’s doing something wrong (and in this case: where?)…

    Thank you,


    a) line 355-58 from /usr/lib/uck/remaster-live-cd.sh

    if [ ! -e “$REMASTER_DIR/etc/resolv.conf” ] ; then
    echo “Copying resolv.conf…”
    # cp -f /etc/resolv.conf “$REMASTER_DIR/etc/resolv.conf” ||
    cp -f –remove-destination /etc/resolv.conf “$REMASTER_DIR/etc/resolv.conf” ||
    failure “Failed to copy resolv.conf, error=$?”

    b) error’s log
    Preparing build environment…
    Creating X authentication cookie…
    Running build process…
    Build (/usr/bin/uck-gui –wait-before-exit) started at 2012-05-14 15:12:22
    [sudo] password for silvietta:
    >> Ubuntu Customization Kit 2.4.6 on Ubuntu 12.04, 3.2.0-24-generic-pae i686
    Starting CD remastering on lundi 14 mai 2012, 15:12:29 (UTC+0200)
    Customization dir=/home/silvietta/tmp/customization-scripts
    Removing remastering root dir…
    Removing ISO remastering dir…
    Mounting ISO image…
    mount: warning: /home/silvietta/tmp/remaster-iso-mount seems to be mounted read-only.
    Unpacking ISO image…
    Unmounting ISO image…
    Mounting SquashFS image…
    mount: warning: /home/silvietta/tmp/remaster-root-mount seems to be mounted read-only.
    Unpacking SquashFS image…
    Unmounting SquashFS image…
    Removing win32 files…
    Creating root home…
    Mounting /proc
    Mounting /sys
    Mounting /dev/pts
    Mounting /tmp
    Mounting /home/silvietta/tmp/remaster-root-home
    Mounting /home/silvietta/tmp/remaster-apt-cache
    Mounting /run
    Mounting /home/silvietta/tmp/customization-scripts
    Copying resolv.conf…
    cp: cannot stat `/etc/resolv.conf’: No such file or directory
    Unmounting /home/silvietta/tmp/remaster-root/var/cache/apt…
    Unmounting /home/silvietta/tmp/remaster-root/tmp/customization-scripts…
    Unmounting /home/silvietta/tmp/remaster-root/tmp…
    Unmounting /home/silvietta/tmp/remaster-root/sys…
    Unmounting /home/silvietta/tmp/remaster-root/run…
    Unmounting /home/silvietta/tmp/remaster-root/root…
    Unmounting /home/silvietta/tmp/remaster-root/proc…
    Unmounting /home/silvietta/tmp/remaster-root/dev/pts…
    Failed to copy resolv.conf, error=1

  6. Salvatore

    Uck 2.4.6 riesce a fare una personalizzata di Ubuntu 4.12 LTS Ubuntu i386 4,12 a, preferibilmente entro il 28 di questo mese è quando devo installare tutta l’azienda.

    un saluto,

  7. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Salvatore: hai riportato il bug sul bug report? facilmente però è il solito problema di zenity, che però non posso risolvere perché non è uck buggato ma zenity appunto… ma comunque se usi gli uck-remaster-* scripts funziona tutto perfettamente (o anche se fai remastering di kubuntu)

  8. Salvatore

    @Fabrizio Balliano: OK, userò l’UCK remaster sono tali grazie, dove posso scaricare l’UCK remaster? qualche dubbio ti farò sapere, al più presto.

  9. Salvatore

    @Fabrizio Balliano: e provare a rimasterizzare, ma invece di darmi errore e chiude direttamente senza errori, questo sarà il mio pc che è speciale :D

  10. stlsaint

    The resolv.conf error can be fixed by simply editing the remaster script to show lines a) line 355-58 from /usr/lib/uck/remaster-live-cd.sh

    instead of cp resolv.conf….
    replace resolv.conf with /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/original /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/

    By editing as such i was able to have net access during build.

  11. stefano

    I have the same problem on Linux Mint 13 (Ubuntu 12.04 precise) I’m also running UCK 2.4.6. It is not fixed for me. Modifying the UCK script does not help. Do you have a solution for this yet?

    ‘Failed to copy resolv.conf, error=1’
    Build failed

  12. Celak


    I’m trying to customize Ubuntu 12.04 precise desktop.

    I’ve been trying for two days, but I could not pass customization screen. When I select console application or package manager for customization it always fails without any error in log file.

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