P4A’s tools changes

In the last months we had problems with the past infrastructure, our mediawiki was heavily attacked and become useless and SourceForge’s bugtracker was completely destroyed by spam. So I took the suggestion of one of our followers to rethink about everything and give it a spin:

The forum system is still on SourceForge, I didn’t find a way to migrate it somewhere else but it didn’t have any bad troubles in the past so it should be ok to keep it on SourceForge at the moment, what do you think?

That should be all for now, thank you everyone and I hope we’ll see much more movement around P4A in the future!

6 thoughts on “P4A’s tools changes

  1. Mario Spada

    Well done Fabrizio, GitHub won! I also agree with you to leave the forum on Sourceforge at the moment.
    You ask much more movement around P4A? That’s ok! Following that direction, I’ve just posted an article on my blog about a new “Gestione Fatture 2”, completely rewritten, with a lot of sample code for P4A users, hoping it will be helpful both for code developers and invoice… developers!

  2. Raphael Waly Senghor

    Ok! I’m using P4A since 4 years for now it’s my big favour Php Framework. I build a lot off Wonderfull Web Application with it and I’m I test all new release in it.So I Want to Ask a lot of Question about pdf generator lib for example?? about P4A 4.0 release??
    I want to congreatulate You Fabrizio Well done
    Hoping to be more close with you for very benefict exchanges thanks !

  3. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Raphael: you can ask all the questions you need in the forums :) I’m sorry at the moment a 4.0 release is not on the way, I’m always looking at dojotoolkit but right now i really don’t have the time to take such a huge work on my shoulder :-((

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